• The GBrain Mental Arithmetic Program is a brain development program that stimulates the brain by teaching
    children to perform mental calculations quickly and accurately without the use of any electronic tools.
  • This program activates both the right and left sides of the brain. While the left side is used for logical calculation, the right side is working to visualize the calculation. Therefore, the brain is trained to become more flexible and effective.
  • The Program also builds the ability to solve mathematical problems in record time by visualizing the Abacus
    instrument. The training will also lead to the development of the brain as learners would perform the calculations
  • The GBrain program will help enhance memory. concentration, alertness, and grasping power besides developing math skills in your child.
Everyday at the Campions School is like a blessing with the active students and talented staff members around.


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There is a large network of dedicated centres for GBrain Abacus Program being professionally managed by the Franchisees with qualified Abacus Tutors doing the quality tutoring. GBrain Abacus Program is also available in
a well formatted On-line program.

  • Abacus is an educational tool; so with the Help of Abacus children can learn Fast & Accurate calculations and numbers with fun. The child uses his or her fingers to move the beads on the abacus and this collaborative movement of the fingers and the brain are responsible for creating a Photographic memory in brain of child.
  • During Practice of abacus math calculation, the child uses both his hands on Abacus; this movement spurs activity in both left and right brains, thus initiating the development of cells. Such Abacus helps in nurturing the brain of the child making him much quicker and accurate in this process.
How does Abacus Help in Learning with the School Curriculum?

Abacus helps children learn school Maths quickly and accurately, as well as improve their overall concentration. Our students’ teachers are frequently astounded by the speed with which they perform mental arithmetic. However, learning abacus has shown overall mind expansion in day-to-day life as well, enhancing creativity and imagination with all-around academic excellence.

Benefits of abacus
  • Better and fast calculation skills
  • Activates left and right brain
  • Enables logical thinking and reasoning
  • Develops visualization skills
  • Enhances the level of concentration
  •  Removing Mathematics phobia

With these benefits, abacus learners scored higher than non-abacus learners. They show overall improved performance in their academics.

Why GBrain Abacus?

GBrain Abacus classes help kids to learn the abacus techniques quickly & efficiently and develop deep
concentration and patience within them.

  • Learning Content is designed by highly qualified and experienced teachers, and periodically assessed and modified to stay up-to-date with the global education.
  •  Qualified and trained Teachers: we heavily invest in teacher’s training to standardize the teaching techniques.
  • Assessment Based on Levels, Weeks and Daily Basis: Weekly feedback in addition to mid-level or end-level tests is provided. One-to-one or group-based assessments and attention is prioritized based on the child’s aptitude.
  • Overall Academic Excellence and Confidence.
  • GBrain Abacus makes your child’s brain 5 times efficient.