Implementation of Abacus Learning Programs in School


The Abacus remains a globally proven tool for swiftly and accurately performing basic mathematical calculations without reliance on pen,
paper, or calculators. We have tailored a unique learning approach, complemented by specially crafted workbooks designed for students,
to ensure mastery of this invaluable skill.

Key Points About Abacus Learning

Abacus learning empowers students to swiftly and accurately execute basic mathematical calculations, fostering both speed and precision. The benefits are profound. Picture a student in the third or fourth grade effortlessly solving equations like 249 x48 or 266 ÷ 37 in mere seconds,
all without the need for pen and paper.

  • Better and fast calculation skills
  • Develops visualization skills
  • Activate left and right brain
  • Enhances the level of concentration
  • Enables logical thinking and reasoning
  • Removing maths phobia
  • with these benefits, abacus learners scored higher than non-abacus learners. They show overall improved performance in their academics

Innovative Approach

Our method has been carefully crafted by our team to ensure accessibility, empowering even below-average students to excel
effortlessly. For both teachers and students, facilitating learning has never been more seamless.

Our Program’s Highlights

  1. Our Abacus program aims to equip students with the mental agility to perform Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and much
    more swiftly and accurately. This fosters long-term benefits and enhances academic performance.
  2. Our program significantly strengthens and improves the fundamental mathematical calculation abilities of all students, bridging the gap from average to exceptional.

  3. We strive to achieve these results within a maximum timeframe of one or two years.

  4. By enhancing concentration power, our program positively impacts students’ performance across other subjects.
    – our program helps your school to keep connected with your students for long-term without any additional cost and extra burden on teachers

School’s Roles

  1. Arrangement of classes in academic time.
  2. Arrangement of faculty for teaching.
  3. Book distribution.

Challenges Faced by Parents in Traditional Methods

  • Dependency on Parents: The success of traditional methods often relies heavily on parents’ dedication and involvement.
  • Time Constraints: Parents face the challenge of arranging transportation for classes, often disrupting their social commitments.
  • Additional Practice Burden: When mistakes occur, extra practice is recommended, necessitating more manual writing or photocopying,
    adding to parental fatigue.
  • Time Management: Despite the importance of timed worksheet completion, practical implementation often falls by the wayside,
    affecting outcomes

Why Implement Our Program in Your School?

  • Eliminate Math Anxiety: With Abacus education introduced at an early stage, students overcome the fear of mathematics by mastering
    basic operations, making math an enjoyable subject for all.
  • Improve thinking abilities Our program fosters concentration, observation, visualization, and memorization skills while boosting
    student self-confidence.
  • Elevate Education Standards: Students equipped with Abacus skills exhibit higher academic proficiency, promising greater achievements
    in the future.
  • Ease Teaching Burdens: Teachers benefit from accelerated student learning, reducing the workload and allowing for more efficient
    classroom management.
  • Improve Overall Academic Performance: Enhanced concentration translates into improved student performance, reflecting positively on
    both individual and school-wide academic outcomes.
  • Increase Parental Satisfaction: Parents witness their children’s academic progress firsthand, leading to heightened satisfaction with the
    school’s educational approach.
  • Competitive Edge: Implementing Abacus education places your school at the forefront of educational innovation, enhancing
    competitiveness within the education landscape.
  • Stay Current: By embracing Abacus education, your school remains abreast of modern teaching methodologies, ensuring relevance in
    today’s educational landscape.
  • Generate Additional Revenue: Beyond educational benefits, offering Abacus education serves as a lucrative revenue stream for your

Benefits to Parents

  • Invaluable Learning: Parents witness their children gaining invaluable skills through our programs.
  • Academic Excellence: The programs significantly boost academic performance, ensuring students excel in their studies.
  • Cost Savings: By opting for our program, parents save money compared to other courses in the market, which can cost between Rs.
    4000/- to 4500/- per month.
  • Effortless Support: Our program relieves parents of the burden of checking worksheets, monitoring practice time, and assigning
    additional questions for practice.
  • High Success Rate: With a success rate of nearly 95%, our program minimizes parental involvement while delivering exceptional results,
    unlike other program that require significant parental effort.
  • Convenience: Parents save time as there’s no need for transportation to and from the individual institution.

Our Mission

Motivated by the challenges encountered by educators and Students in teaching Abacus and recognizing its profound value, GBrain EduTech
Pvt. Ltd. has innovated a distinctive method for imparting Calculation skills for fundamental mathematical calculations with remarkable
speed and precision.